a catalogue of kaboom!press products

Volume 1: the packets

the debut collection of chapbooks as serialized experimental novels, poetry and comic arts

exhibited at Cuchifrittos Gallery in NYC for "La Suprette"

Volume 2: the packets

hand-bound multi-fold Quarto containing poetry,

allegorical prose, pop-up art, comics and short stories

protesting the War in Iraq

exhibited at the "Stray Show" in Chicago

Volume 3: the packets

a boxed collection of chapbooks from various artists

exhibited at Exit Art in NYC and Worm Space in Rotterdam

Volume 4: the packets

a boxed collection of chapbooks and mini-dvd

debut at The Ding Dong Lounge for "Zine and Small Press Fair"

an event co-sponsored by Fractious Press


by Hank Honks

a novel

God's Waiting Room

by Peter Plop

a novel

Mrs God

by St Eve and Shirley Shirtless

a novel

also available as a "serialized packet" (chapbook)"

Jane Was Born

by Othar

a novel

also available as a "serialized packet" (chapbook)"


by Will Wisp

a novel

The Autobiography of Johnny Jackass

By Himself

a novel

also available as a "serialized packet" (chapbook)"

Tyson Reeder: a Flipbook

An Aritist Monograph made especially for the artist's Debut Solo exhibition at Daniel Reich Apartment Gallery Space

Book design by Inju Kaboom

Scott Reeder: a Coloring Book

An Artist Monograph made especially for the aritst's solo exhibition at Daniel Reich Apartment Gallery Space

Anna Sew-hoy: Panda ; a picture book

images by Anna Sew-hoy and text by Shireen Kazikstana

exhibited at Canada Gallery NYC as part of the artist's solo show

Annie Murdock: Glass Book

based on a Chashama storefront performance

"Entanglements" by Annie Murdock

Book design by Inju Kaboom

exhibited at Aljira Gallery in NJ

Camera Obscura

appendum to the installation at Legion Gallery

Black Rainbow; a collection of short stories

by Ray Brown

Mike Diana: Pop-up Book

Book design by Inju Kaboom

exhibited at Gavin Brown Enterprise NYC

Sticky Stories

Short Stories by Mike Diana

Chelsea Gun Club

a curation of images by Daniel Reich and Christian Holstad

exhibited at Daniel Reich Gallery

Alexander Hammid: an interview

by Delia Gongzoles and Gavin Russom

exhibited at Daniel Reich Gallery NYC

and Anthology of Film Archive

George Halley: a retrospective

by Inju Kaboom

an appendum to the retrospective of the couturier's career

Bucky vs Chupy

an animation pack by Ben Shreefter and Nouri Zander

an appendum for the film strip projection performance for NoMAA

Bucktooth Sticky Moves

a sticker-based boardgame based on the eponymous interactive DVD


by Steve Shits

a "choose your own adventure" book

Bucktooth: the comic book

story by Steve Shits, art by Nouri Zander

Bucktooth DVD

an interactive "choose ur own adventure" video game for a conventional DVD platform

Bucktooth Map

photopolymer plate for printing on a Vandercook Letterpress

originally printed as limited editioned prints on archival paper

Bucktooth Tote Bag

Ninja Jungle

Holy Holly Horror

by Santa's Elf

an appendum to the eponymous video performance

for the series "Movies with Live Soundtracks"

series created and curated by Zander Marro

Brother's Day

by Brogh Mancer

a multi-fold novelette

a special edition packet series

exhibited at Shakespeare and Co. in Paris

What's In A Name?

by Andy Commess

a card game of punned celebrity names

Schmitz Family Book and DVD

A Holiday Book of Schmitz Children's Poetry and Art (also includes an interactive DVD)

Sea Map: Voyage

cloth book w/ pencilled images

cloth salvaged from 1950's GM vintage car upholsery samples

exhibited at Gallery of Graphic Arts, NYC

The 10,000 Page Book

Presented by Nick Frank Library for an installation at Jody Monroe Gallery in Milwaukee

Baxters + Deathbeach DVD

"Baxters" screened at Robert Beck Memorial Cinema

"Death Beach" screened at The Arlene's Grocery Picture Show Film Festival

Animation Brunch DVD

animation by Mike Diana, Ron Rege Jr, Nouri Zander, Patrick Hambrecht and others

screened at Worm Space in Rotterdam

Ed Askew CD's - 4 titles

Songs from Washington Heights


handmade cover design

Broke Stickers

classic "broke" characters from the annuls of Pretzel World past projects conceived by Nouri&Rebecca

a pretzel world production

Immemorial Day Performance

projection performance at South First Gallery, Brooklyn

in collaboration with Annie Murdock and Radio Ruido

World of Wrong - Hamlet

a multi-media projection performance for AS220 in Providence

World of Wrong - Dead on the Fourth

a multi-media presentation in 16mm film loops, VHS, DVD and Packet

scrap extra